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Our organizations do not advocate for or against any candidate or party in any election. Kahanism, empowered in government, represents a clear and present danger to those values. Modern day Kahanists are working to divide Israeli society by stoking racial fears. These Jewish supremacist organizations often use incitement to violence to promote their racist agenda.

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Today's Kahanists have been convicted numerous times for support for terror organizations and incitement to racism. Michael Ben-Ari, a leader of Otzma Yehudit and candidate for Knesset, was denied a visa to enter the US due to the State Department's "prerogative to ban terrorists from entering the country.

As Americans, we have seen the devastating effects of elected officials embracing white nationalist groups. In America, deadly right-wing extremism poses a clear and present danger to our democratic society.

We call on our colleagues in the American Jewish community and Jewish organizations to stand for democracy and equality and join us in affirming that Kahanists have no place in the Knesset. All are affiliated with the JCPA.

Images of America: The Jewish Community Around North Broad Street by Allen Meyers (2002, Paperback)

The four-day annual conference, which ran from Feb. JCPA, the national hub of the Jewish community relations network, represents local Jewish community relations councils JCRCs and 17 national Jewish agencies, including organizations representing all four major denominations of religious Judaism. We are deeply concerned that approximately , Federal Government employees are working without pay or temporarily furloughed because of the current government shutdown. A crisis not of their own making, this jeopardizes the livelihoods of their families and undermines the economic well-being of their communities, which rely on their steady paychecks -- as well as members of the broader public who depend upon their services.

We call on Senator Mitch McConnell to bring the Consolidated Appropriations Bill of to a vote without delay, and on all members of the Senate to rise above partisan concerns to support and vote in favor of this bill, ending this unconscionable interruption in the nation's business.

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Miller Photography. He welcomed those in attendance by noting a sense of solidarity in the room. October 27, New York, NY -- The Jewish Labor Committee sends its deepest condolences to the families and friends of those killed by the domestic terrorist who attacked the Tree of Life Congregation during Shabbat services earlier today, and to the entire congregation and the larger community.

The Collapse

This violent terrorist act in Pittsburgh was not the first, although it was the largest such attack against the American Jewish community. Deflecting people's fears, frustrations and anxieties toward Jews, refugees or any minority in society is not new. We are mindful that this terrorist act was motivated not only by hatred of Jews, but also by hatred of refugees and other migrants, and of those organizations, congregations, and communities aiding them.

And this bigotry did not arise from nowhere. Anti-refugee sentiment, expressed in hate-filled rhetoric by the most senior members of the government, has been echoed and amplified in social media and given legitimacy by the mainstream press. The coded messages of anti-Semitism, racism and xenophobia are given free rein not only in extreme alt-right shadows, but increasingly in the conservative mainstream.

The rapid rise of anti-Semitic acts in the United States, including this most recent case of domestic terrorism by a hate-filled home-grown extremist, must be condemned and rejected not only by those directly affected, but by all Americans.

Philadelphia Historical Commission

We call on all men and women of good will to join us in rejecting anti-Semitism, and all manifestations of racial, ethnic, religious and political bigotry. Not only in Pittsburgh, but across the United States, we need to stand together and confront such hatred, and the violence it breeds. Make your reservations now. Just fill in the form, print it out, and either send it back to us via fax — — or as an email attachment to dinner jewishlabor.

You may make your reservation using a credit card: space is on the RSVP form, and you can also send us an email and write where to call you and when would be good. All of us at the Jewish Labor Committee wish you, your family, relatives, co-workers, friends and neighbors a good and sweet year - a more peaceful, more just, fairer and better year. Refugee Admissions Program. At a time when democracy, respect for diversity, and solidarity are under threat around the world, and there is no visible movement towards a mutually acceptable negotiated two-state resolution to the Israel-Palestine conflict, the passage of such a law seems doubly ill-conceived and ill-timed.

Continue reading "Israeli Identity Politics vs. Philadelphia JLC, the ADL, the Philadelphia Council AFL-CIO, and Penn State University's Labor School joined together last year to create this anti-bias educational program, led by professional facilitators from the ADL, organized primarily for union members, to help understand and challenge bias, and promote tolerance and respect for diversity in the labor movement, and in our communities.

The Court overturned a year unanimous decision Abood v. Unions are required by law to represent and negotiate on behalf of all public employees — members and nonmembers alike. So everyone who benefits should contribute to the cost of representational activities like contract negotiations and grievance representation. Before this case, no one was forced to be a union member or pay any fees that fund political activities. This, of course, is the goal of the network of anti-union and wealthy special interests that was behind this case: to weaken the labor movement. Unions stand up for working people.

The court clearly relied more on politics than jurisprudence in deciding this case. We urge all public employees to become union members and stand with their coworkers in the fight for social and economic justice. Program Coincides with 50th Anniversary of Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

April 4, Memphis, TN -- After bells tolled in this city for the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. It combined the observance of Passover with a rededication to the work, words, and legacy of Dr. King and the Memphis sanitation workers gathered five decades earlier to secure the right to organize and bargain collectively. Jewish community figures, labor leaders, organizers, clergy of many traditions and others joined to explore the Passover imagery and themes of the Exodus that often imbued Dr. The meeting place, Memphis's Clayborn Temple, a former Presbyterian and AME church and now a nonprofit cultural center for the community, was the starting point for marches and meetings in by striking AFSCME Local sanitation workers and their supporters.

Dear friends, As the first night of Passover and Good Friday fall on the same day this year, we wish our members and friends observing these holidays a sweet and meaningful Passover and a happy Easter. The Jewish Community of Shreveport. Charleston, SC, Arcadia Publishing, First Edition. ISBN: Royal octavo, glossy paper covers, pp. From the very beginning, Jews have been part of the city's civic, social, and mercantile life.

Pioneer settlers began holding services in private homes in the s, and by the community was sufficiently large enough to consecrate a Jewish cemetery and the first Jewish benevolent association, a forerunner of today's North Louisiana Jewish Federation. In , the first congregation was founded. In The Jewish Community of Shreveport the rich history of this influential and vibrant citizenry is chronicled by well-known Louisiana historian Eric J.

Brock, archivist of Shreveport's B'nai Zion Temple. Nearly 18 decades of Jewish life in Shreveport are depicted in over vintage images, many of which are previously unpublished. Both of the city's synagogues, B'nai Zion and Agudath Achim, are represented, as are many of the rabbis, business leaders, political leaders including three mayors , and laypeople from the community's long history. Sheintal, Kimberly. Jews of Sarasota-Manatee.

In , explorer Hernando de Soto landed near Sarasota, Florida, but centuries passed before the Sarasota-Manatee area saw many settlers. By the late s, a few pioneers had arrived, but it was not until that the first Jewish person settled here. Other Jewish families followed, but no organization connected them until the Jewish Community Center of Sarasota was established in For early Jewish settlers, the biggest problem was isolation rather than discrimination.

Sarasota-Manatee now has 13 Jewish congregations and a thriving Jewish population. No jokes about Jewish manatees, please. Stiefel, Barry. The Jewish Community of Metro Detroit Entire neighborhoods transplanted themselves. For the Jewish communities, life in the Detroit suburbs has been focused on family within a pluralism that embraces the spectrum of experience from the most religiously devout to the ethnically secular. Holidays, bar and bat mitzvahs, weddings, and funerals have marked the passage of time. Issues of social justice, homeland, and religion have divided and brought people together.

The Collapse: Analyzing the End of American Jewry's Golden Age – Tablet Magazine

The Jewish Community of Staten Island. In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, a small group of Jewish immigrants carved out their own vibrant community in Staten Island. Jewish settlers clustered around the Arietta Street, St.

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George, Bergen Point, and Perth Amboy ferries and built seven synagogues and a Jewish community center. As the Jewish population grew, it expanded into new developments in Willowbrook, Eltingville, and Arden Heights and was able to support a Jewish elementary school.